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by Anne de Groot

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Happy thoughts from our Degroot Painting clients

I had never had a painting done of myself and was thrilled when Anne presented me with the portrait. She captured the essence of a very happy moment in my life with a unique perspective; I have the painting hanging on my wall and it makes me smile every time I walk by.
- Sandra

Anne has an amazing ability to capture the light and bring mood and emotion to life in her paintings. I love the painting she did of my daughter Claire because she doesn't look like a princess but rather a true depiction of a cold, wet waif, finding salvation in her hot chocolate.
- Nancy Miller

Anne is a natural! Sensuous and layered, Anne’s paintings are always visually capturing. Her brush strokes beautifully convey the mood of the scene, so much so that you feel like you’re there in that moment.
- Siobhan Chambers

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